Titanium Dual-Action Automatic Utility Knife & Comb has a replaceable blade design


Do more with the Titanium Dual-Action Automatic Utility Knife and Comb. With a replaceable blade design, it consists of an OTF automatic knife designed for an OLFA CKB-2 utility blade, which you can find everywhere. Made by CNC machining, it comes in 3 different material options: aluminum, titanium, and zirconium. Not only that, but you can also add on different blade styles. Offering an automatic knife mechanism, it offers fast opening and closing and easy one-handed operation. Moreover, it has a multi-function pocket clip and a knife sharp enough to slice through whatever you need it to. Switch between a comb and a knife depending on your daily needs. Overall, a handy and .versatile EDC pocket knife, it’s a gadget you can use in almost any situation!


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