Eeva 2-in-1 smart laundry solution washes & dries your clothes without a water connection

Do your laundry effortlessly at home or anywhere you go with the Eeva 2-in-1 smart laundry solution. Thanks to the portable design, you can use Eva anywhere. In fact, you can provide water either through a direct water hookup or by simply filling up the removable water canister. There’s also a dirty water reservoir at the bottom where all the used water drains to after the wash and rinse cycle. Additionally, once the entire cycle is complete, you can easily set up a hose drain or simply empty it wherever is convenient.
There are multiple cycle settings and also just wash/just dry options for those who want to explore the same. Eeva uses heat so you can be sure that your clothes are 100% dry. Most importantly, Eeva reduces your water and energy consumption (proportionally) compared to using traditional machines.

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